Need suggestions about Health Care (nasty doctor)

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Need suggestions about Health Care (nasty doctor)
Fri, 08-22-2014 - 8:38am

Hello Everyone;

I had a not so good experience at a doctors office..........The story is that I am trying to see if I can wean off some hbp medication and add natural things which seem to be working much better.......but I was going to a clinic which although cheap I wasnt too fond of it.. So I found a integrative doctor but when i started running out of medication for weaning I found out that doctor retired.. but they had another doctor to take her place.. So I took an appt. and went I went in I told this doctor what I was doing.. Now I had only a week's left to the medication and I am weaning off at my own pace and slowly because I have had some terrible side effects in which I am trying to avoid... (long story)... Now this doctor said well you have enough to just stop the medication.. I was like what?? No I was trying to explain to her nicely I am highly sensitive to this stuff and I needed more time and another prescription.. She then got very nasty and said some mean aweful things.. In the end she gave me a prescription but not the whole amount I had previously....... So I just took it and was shell shocked as how she treated me.................She also sold me some vitamin thing and I stupidly paid for it...............It is a stress anxiety calming supplement and didnt even try an figure out if it interacted with my medication so now I have to research it...................All for this abuse I paid 65.00 for the visit and 50 for the supplement..... I am 60 year old woman and have no insurance and are paying out of pocket.. The affordable care act has so many loop holes and I am not eligible for medicaid.. (another long story)

So what would you do? The clinic I was going to charged me 15.00 a visit and they are okay but I was trying to avoid them but now with limited funds I cant.....Plus I also have to pay for the medication.  I would hate to start over with another doctor and pay all that money but what are the choices..??

Any ideas, suggestions?????       what would you do??

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I am also a senior citizen, working to wean myself off statins. My reason? I was never given the option of trying dietary and lifestyle changes before starting medication. I never knew anything about nutrition and what the nutrients actually do for your body. My blood work has gradually been getting better and my doctor is pleased, but I didn't tell him I am weaning myself off the meds. I just have extra and haven't needed to get them refilled. As long as my bloodwork continues to come back good I may never tell him I quit the meds. Or I may find out that I still need them, but in much smaller doses than I'm taking now. This may not work for you since you have to pay out of pocket for your meds, but if you are on generic meds they are relatively inexpensive. I would try another doctor and just say that you need a new rx and go from there. They say don't ever quit taking your meds without the instructions of your doctor, but the doctors are so tied into the pharmaceutical companies that they will never take you off your meds. Good luck to you.
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thanks for responding and yes if I were you I would be getting off the statins also....................I sort of was told at first from the clinic doctors to watch sodium and to exercise and that was it..........They never told me about any alternatives so after finding out I could try and find alternatives I went on the search but this was after they scared me into the medication so I took it.. At the time I didnt know the side effects or anything so after almost two years of this stuff I want to get off...........or if I have to take a much smaller does but I am reaching for none at all.....................I have found alternatives that work so much better anyway why stay on medication first when yes there could be other choices..

So I hear what you are saying which I will do....................Just go to doctor and say I need another prescription and not tell them. you are doing it the right way..............dont tell you doctor what you are doing..........let the blood work speak for itself.

I guess I went over the doctor line but didnt expect to get treated so bad........... I assumed she would be an ally and help .. since she is more holistic and integrative.....................I am still trying to wrap my head around it. I am not going back there so if I need more medication I will visit the clinic if I have to.............but I wont tell them what I am doing.

thank you

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I would be wary about a doctor that is selling supplements out of her office, even if she is supposed to be holistic etc. Like she is making money off of the supplements so she is going to push them whether they will really help the patient or not. And $50 is a lot of money for a "supplement". Did it help to calm you? Was it mostly B vitamins?

I'm confused about that doctor's advice, it sounds like she told you to just go off the Rx med and not to wean off of it? Are you still taking it or are you off it by now?

Have you looked for a D.O. (osteopathic doctor)?  I have not seen one but I was reading that they take a holistic approach.

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Hi Elc...

You know you are right... I never thought that a doctor shouldnt be selling supplements.. I havent even taken any yet because I am a bit weary about them but I trusted her judgment... the one pill has B6 which I already take.......vit.C which I take... Folic acid, Calcium, L Lysine , 5 htp , L-tyrosine. amino acid.... I guess I felt intimidated and whack i was sold the supplement .. you know how that happens?

No she told me that I should take less time in weaning off... she gave me an Rx like okay two weeks be off this amount. another two weeks be off this amount but I have been trying to get off this drug since last FEb............Its a beta blocker and I am highly sensitive to it so these doctor methods were not working which I tried to explain to her and she didnt believe me... I only had two weeks worth left of the medication and she said oh; that is enough and then go off .. I said no Its been taking  me since last feb. to get off this stuff and I am doing it slowly and safely.... Again she didnt believe me and said well then okay i will give you more medication but you wasted my time by asking for a weaning procedure.. what?? All I wanted was to do it slowly and safely .. Suffice it to say I wont go a matter of fact I want to stay away from doctors as long as possible but how does one do that?

Oh; I am still on it and doing it by the way i feel but I have managed to get down from 100 miligrams to 37 now ...

I have seen O.D's at the clinic .. they were okay but never really took a total holistic me an integrative doctor would be great but they are very pricey and there arent many where I live.. I would be just paying more money........

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My daughter has been having similar problems. Her doctor has been nasty to. What is up with that? I asked someone to talk to her and possibly help advocate for her but am so very disappointed, no help at all really. My daughter is trying to cope/deal with anxiety and stresses all the time. Like you might want changes but going off medications requires tapering and doing it slowly and gradually. No support. Changing meds at a whim etc. Shaking my head, this is so wrong.

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Being me and on 22 medications and supplements, plus previously conflicting diets, physical therapy that made it worse, I probably would have called a halt to the appointment right then and headed out to find a supervisor, if one existed. I've had diagnoses made with faulty testing, full alerts for a possible punctured lung (biopsy scar noone bothered to ask about but in their records!) I've had so many poor experiences that I no longer hesitate to speak out. IT'S MY BODY! Nobody knows it better than I do.

But, still there have been times I tolerated condescension or disrespect. I've had to wait 45 minutes beyond scheduled time and gone to the desk and told them to rechedule me. SHOCK....what do you mean? You're HERE. Yes, I am but my doctor isn't. I'm not accepting a rushed or partial appointment for the same price as the longer appointment I had scheduled and *I* have things to do myself! I understand sudden emergencies, but "Doctor is running late" needs more explanation!

My meds....most of them...say clearly not to stop cold turkey because of potentially baaaaaaaaad side-effects. The doctor should know that or consult their PDR. I've had my pharmacist intervene (unasked) and say the decrease was to abrupt!

I hope you can find a more understanding, compassionate and inexpensive doctor and wean off in the proper manner.