How do your anxiety / phobias affect your relationships?

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How do your anxiety / phobias affect your relationships?
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 11:25am

Are you known as the stressed, anxious person at work? In your family? How do your symptoms affect your daily interactions? In times of flair ups, do you notice people backing away or getting closer?

My DH is terrible with my anxiety. When it was really bad and I'd start crying and almost hyperventilate, he'd call my mom and tell her to talk to me. I think it's hard for him to understand exactly what I'm going through and how it's much more than just a worry; that my normal worry is always a worst-case-scenario-end-of-the-world worry

We've talked about having another baby, but honestly, I just can't handle the anxiety of worrying about it for 9months while pregnant (there are way too many things that can go wrong (which I've experienced son) and then the worry after they arrive (I'm currently fixated on DD's speech, sigh).

How has it affected your relationships?