The kiddo had his evaluation, now I'm anxious (in a bad way).

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The kiddo had his evaluation, now I'm anxious (in a bad way).
Fri, 04-26-2013 - 3:35pm

Sorry I was not here this week. Rough week. :/ On top of being super busy with general stuff, I took my son for a neurodevelopmental evaluation yesterday. Of course now I'm panicking that they'll find even more issues. Here's hoping that we get the issues he has resolved, or in the least, come up with a strategy to handle them. So far she's thinking CAPD and ADHD, along with behavior problems. I know we have one or two (or more) people here who are familiar with special needs issues. Anyone ever deal with CAPD? Or know anything about it? It fits my son to a T for the most part. And it makes sense. Because, for example, I can say something like, "Come on, get your ass in gear!" and he'll go "Thanks for calling me an ass!" So he hears, but isn't comprehending. So frustrating especially since if this IS the issue, how much of what he hears isn't he grasping? And it also makes sense anxiety wise,  because he's not comprehending that I said it MAY rain, not that it's GOING to rain. Just one more thing for me to worry about. Of course then I worry that he doesn't have CAPD and then we're back to square one with what the heck could he have so we can strategize. 

I really wish my brain would shut up.