Time for a Friend Detox?

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Time for a Friend Detox?
Fri, 08-03-2012 - 8:55am

You all know the drill—no matter how you're feeling and what's going on in your life, there is someone in your life who is either equally "bleh" or trying to one-up you on symptoms/issues. Then when you FINALLY have a great moment, said person has had a better one (so they say). 


Interesting article on how to determine if you need a friend detox and how to go about doing one. 

Have you ever done this? Ever thought about it? 

I have a few people I'd love to do this with, but my social anxiety makes it hard. 


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Fri, 08-03-2012 - 11:08am

I have never done this but I have thought about it. I have a "friend" who I have stopped seeing as much because she can't ever be happy for me. If I do this, I should have done it that way instead. If I do that, she has a better way. It never ends. I don't even think she knows how bad she really is.

I need to just shut her out of my life but I feel sorry for her.