Can't sleep/depressed

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Can't sleep/depressed
Sun, 08-25-2013 - 9:39am

I'm having at little of both ends of the spectrum right now.  My mind races too much to sleep; I always want to get up and do something.  I just can't shut my brain up no matter what I do.  I practically overdose on OTC sleeping pills (6 last night when the dosage is 1) and I was still up at 2 a.m.  I'm also always speaking or doing before I think and can't quite function properly right now.

On the other side, I'm extremely depressed right now. My shrink reduced my Prozac, thinking it would help me sleep, but I don't need less of an anti-depressant; I need more!  The Prozac wasn't helping much, anyway.  I really don't think I can go on like this much longer. 

Are there any medications anyone could recommend that will get me out of this deep depression without putting me into too high of an upswing?  A bit of an upswing is fine with me; I just want to be able to sleep and not to embarrass myself.

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Sun, 08-25-2013 - 10:17am

Oh I hate that mind racing feeling. I have learned a few things that don't require medication and seem to help me so maybe they will help you: Don't consume any caffeine after about 2 pm. Cut out late night sweets. Unplug from the internet/smart phone/email/cable news at least an hour or two before bedtime. Walk 20-30 minutes in the evenings to unwind.   

I have a friend with Bipolar Disorder that takes Celexa and seems to be one of the few things that have helped. Have you tried it?