How are you doing Sarah?

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How are you doing Sarah?
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 9:22pm

Hi Sarah,

I haven't seen much of your posts lately. How are you?  I've been thinking about you and hoping you are good. I have been having trouble w/ the boards, so maybe it's just lost out there. let me know if you want.


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Mon, 10-29-2012 - 4:57pm

 Hi Maya,

  So nice of you to ask about me, thank you.

    Today, I am ok. Last Wednesday, I had a bit of a breakdown. I'm trying to find a job through a temp. agency, and the job that I thought I was starting last week keeps getting pushed back. The company apparently doesn't need people quite yet and call the agency and they tell me. I was driving around town trying to find work clothes and just was not in the mood to do so and worried about having money left over to pay rent so I just gave up and went home.  I got a call that day, was supposed to have started last Thursday, that I would start today. I was let down, but relieved at the same time. Now I had time to figure out clothes and my husband and I had a halloween party planned that I could look forward to getting things ready for that and etc.

  So I came home relieved but anxious deep down, so I made myself a drink..a tall one and another and on an empty just snowballed fast. My husband found me drunk and irate. I threw my wedding ring at him, said I want a divorce, tried to drown myself in the was awful.

 So now he wants me off all medicine because it makes me crazy, his words. I don't think they work either. I have no interest in my husband quite honestly.It's like we are roommates, not married.  I'm here, but I'm not.

  I keep getting told that basically I won't get into a master's program for psychology because my gpa is too low, but that is what I was made to do..I know that much. So now I'm thinking I could do nursing..but deep down, I know I don't have the passion for that. I have the smarts and I could do well. My mom and sister are nurses, I've been around a hospital a time or two in my life and like it, but not in that field.

 A woman in church asked me what jobs I have had that I enjoyed, and I couldn't answer. That was yesterday and it's still bothering me.

  How are YOU? I've been really thinking of you and your daughter.