10 Things People Get Wrong About Anxiety

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10 Things People Get Wrong About Anxiety
Mon, 03-17-2014 - 4:17pm

"According to Joseph Bienvenu, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University, there are many fallacies when it comes to anxiety disorders, and that can make dealing with it more difficult. These misconceptions are a common reality for those who either have the condition, know someone who is battling it or think they may be on the brink of a diagnosis.

  • People with anxiety are feeble.
  • Having anxiety isn't a big deal.
  • The condition is not that common.
  • Issues with anxiety stem from a poor childhood.
  • People suffering from anxiety should just avoid whatever is causing their fear.
  • The disorder will resolve on its own.
  • Unwinding with a drink can soothe an anxious person.
  • Anxiety is only born from a certain fear or trauma.
  • There's nothing you can say to help an anxious person relax.
  • It's hard to relate to someone who has the condition.

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What do you think? Have you heard any of these or even assumed some of them yourself? I know, personally, I feel like others can't relate, so it's interesting to have that debunked. Now I think the question is whether or not they truly want to relate... :S

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Tue, 03-18-2014 - 3:41pm

One of the things I hate about anxiety is the "don't tell her... she'll panic" mentalities. Now, in some cases, that may be true, but even with a panic, we can still manage. I just hate the thought that we're not being told stuff or even that we're being made fun of.