Anxiety - Blushing

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Anxiety - Blushing
Mon, 06-02-2014 - 7:58am

Hi Everyone,

I suffer from anxiety issues which flare up frequently. My main concern when this happens is how red that I go. My face and my chest flush instantly in group discussions and when having to speak with senior management. I had an operation called ECT a couple of years ago for this specific issue but unfortunately, it did not stop the blushing.

Does anyone else suffer from this problem, or has done and found a way of covering this? It really is getting me down and it is stopping me from progressing further in my social and work life. So any advice that you have would be appreciated.



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Fri, 06-06-2014 - 9:04am
found this on wikihow: maybe it will help!
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Thu, 06-12-2014 - 3:35pm

Hi. I found this for you. I think the very last bit is the true key.

"Above all else, remember that blushing can become a vicious cycle. If you choose not to make a big deal about your red face, you will probably blush much less than when you actively tried to prevent it from happening."