Hasn't Been Like This in Years

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Hasn't Been Like This in Years
Wed, 12-04-2013 - 6:03pm

I have done rather well for several years, well enough so that my doctor did a little tweek to my meds in the summer.  I liked the result, especially being more aware of my feelings.

Now,  however, I have been in a mire of depression and anxiety for approaching a month.  I have a "professional support system" and a "crisis plan".  Most of the people I have never called, but in the past ... maybe two weeks ... I have contacted all of them and some more than once.

It is both depression and anxiety.  I have to make an effort to engage in holiday actvities as there is no family nearby.  The anxiety is because I overspent on materials to create items for a crafts sale.  Now, though, with tears, shaking, and hands trembling, I am having difficulty assembline the items!  If I could make a few more, any profit can go toward my debts..

I have been very careful financially so this is a bit of a shock to me to have gotten myself in this mess.  I went to a credit counselor who said she thought it could be cleared up in a few months, but I don't believe that yet.

I came back here because I used to be a CL foHealth and Wellness boards.  Sure don't feel healthy now.  Oh, and I have to go to  physical therapy for some foot and knee problems.

If a fancy signature comes up, ignore it.  I've tried to get rid of it, but without luck.