My anxiety has anxiety!! Also more about me

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My anxiety has anxiety!! Also more about me
Mon, 01-27-2014 - 5:43pm

  I'm new here, a little about me, I'm 33, and have delt with depression/anxiety since a child. I was once diagnosed bipolar, although I have very little symptoms. My therapist had told me in the past that if there were a scale of one to ten, I'd be a 1. So again, I do get the occasional mood swing, but my problems are mostly anxiety, and depresession because of anxiety. In fact, all my other problems stem from anxiety. I get anxious about being/ or the possibility of something that could make me anxious.   i used to be on the boards here after my terrible divorce a few years back, and these boards, with the support of others really helped me. I thought I would give this another shot since it helped me so much, and hope to be supportive to others as well. 

    I started going back to school, and I just get so overwhelmed, and anxious about doing well. It's so much pressure, mostly I put it on myself. I'm trying to cope, I'm even taking a meditation class, which is aimed at helping others(I'm a psych/sociology major). I am taking this class to help others deal with mental disorders, and I think it may help me with my anxiety. Hopefully. I'm just picking up the pieces of my life after being in an abusive marriage, and I feel like all my anxiety is just getting in the way!! I have so many racing thoughts, then again the anxiety, so I get overwhelmed, and don't want to do anything. I just want to quit and shut down.  I've been constantly dealing with this everyday, on top of having chronic pain budging disks in my neck, healed fractures in my back, then Fibromyalgia stemming from a car accident when I got hit by a drunk driver.  oh, and i tore a ligament in my wrist and fractured my hand. I don't want to sound like I'm throwing a potty party, I just feel like I can't handle anymore. I feel like a slave to my anxiety. ive been doing yoga for 15+ years, i used to be a gymnast. Yoga does help a lot.  I just need to chat with people to talk with that have similar issues. I hope I can become a part of your community. 

           May peace be upon you,