1st, thank you all who have helped me in the past, now, new issues and worsening depression

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1st, thank you all who have helped me in the past, now, new issues and worsening depression
Wed, 02-19-2014 - 1:30pm


I don't know what is going with me.  My psychiarist, my primary care physician, and my endorcrinolist can't figure it out either.  I was doing okay, then about 2 years ago, my health, physically and mentally worsen and continues to do so.  I've been professionally told it could be my depression worsen, causing an increase in physical aliments or physical aliments are happening and causing my depression to worsen.  It's been doctors telling me, let's try this or that, wait for test results, or for it to take affect.  Months go by and nothing is better.  Again back to the doctors, this is going on 2 years now and I can't take it anymore.  My latest blood test results show that "I did have lyme disease", don't know what that means or how it affects me now, the doctor didn't either.  My vitiam D defiency has increased even though I have been on a prescription dosage for over 6 months now and my thyroid levels are normal.  I feel emotionally "paralyzed".  What gets me through the day is doing things that my children need.  I just want to sleep, all the time.  I don't want to socialize or even go outside.  I can't deal with people or even the slightest frustrating, annoying situation.  I've been trying so hard to figure out what could of triggered all this.  I did have an idea and talked to my psychiarist about it(he has been treating for years and knows me well) and he thinks I may have found the trigger.  I went through a traumatic event 2 years ago involving my daughter.  I saw her go through and was right along with her, when she was going through something horrible that will effect her the rest of her life.  I was heartbroken to witness the emotional pain she endured and felt helpless because there was little I could do to help her.   Can I be suffering from post traumatic syndrome?  

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Welcome back to our board.  I am so sorry you are having difficulty with various health issues.  Thank you for sharing on here.  I hope I can help.  I can say that I do understand and I can somewhat relate.  I don't have the answer to your last question regarding the possibility of PTSD.  Has you doctor diagnosed you with PTSD or psychiatrist?  If you have not mentioned about your daughter to any of your doctor's, do you think they could answer your question?  I am not a doctor, so I am not sure.

I so much can understand the frustration of going to various doctor's, having tons of bloodwork done, and still no answers, sigh.  Been there, finally figured things out on my own.  My thyroid was way off and I was so tired dialy.  Finally, they got my Synthroid at a high dosage, so that has helped my fatigue and depression.  Now, my blood pressure is very high and they can't seem to understand why.  I am on 3 bp medications now and no change, kind of scary.

I agree with you about doing things for the kids, keeps me going.  I have to fight to stay out of bed.  Getting better though since my thyroid med has been increased.

Please know, you are not alone!!!!!  I can relate to what you wrote and I am here for you.  Please keep posting.  Let us know what you find out, if anything, from the doctors.

Cyber Hugs!!

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Hi,  I am sorry you're going through this.  Although it was two years ago,  what ever happened, its still with you, and I am sorry that happened too.  It stinks, to use gentle words. And theres not a damn thing to do but pick yourself up and pull through it. But you cant give your life away.  Its good you are going to see your doctors. Its also good you are seeking help here on these boards.  Its a first step. What type of support system do you have in real life? How active are you? 

Now your dr says its lyme disease,  so are you being treated for it?  I have a friend who is a nurse,  she was knocked out of like hard, with lyme for 3 years.  She was treated, and is back in full swing.  I can get you information.  If you are on facebook, you can connect with me Jr Trista. I hope for good things for you.  ((gentle hugs))