Do some of your symptoms persist, despite antidepressants?

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Do some of your symptoms persist, despite antidepressants?
Thu, 04-28-2011 - 11:42am

You're not alone.

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I definitely have this problem. When I've explained to my pychiatrist, she asked what I wanted to do. I wanted to say, "DUH, I don't know, you're the doctor." This is why patients are often afraid to discuss things with their doctors. I've tried various antidepressants, and have gained weight with several. That becomes a problem in itself. I felt great on Celexa, but gained over 20 pounds. I've actually lost weight on Wellbutrin SR, but I don't feel all that great.

Also, and I may start a discussion about this, I've had generics and I do not think they work as well as the brand.
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Yes, my symptoms do persist despite being on wellbutrin.

Also, right now I'm on the generic form and am waiting for patient assistance to get the Wellbutrin XL.

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Sorry to hear your having a difficult time.