Prozac and Ambien

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Prozac and Ambien
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 9:31pm

Hi All

Was wondering if anyone else has had this combination and had any issues.

I was diagnosied (again) with major recurring depression, general anxiety and social anxeity about 5months ago and was put on prozac.  currently taking 40mg daily.  although sometimes I skip on the weekends and seem to do okay.  the amount of stress I'm going thru or seem to be going thru seems to directly effect my depression

About 2-3 months ago I was put on Ambien, but only for occasional use.  I mainly take it on Friday and Saturday nights since I can sleep in some the next morning.  Thursdays recently too.  But around the same time I started the Ambien and 2months after starting the prozac, I started having more issues and the meds werent working as well and getting stressed out much easier and all that

also noticed I started having slightly odd cycles.  3 months ago I had a cycle with actually almost no PMS, it was wonderful, but then the next cycle started greyish spotting 3 day before hand, next cycle more spotting but a week before hand and bleeding lasted half the time.  this time spotting started a week week beforehand again, but cycle was 2-3 days early (possibly due to pap smear) and now I'm on CD8 and actually still having a tiny bit ot spotting and never have this late before

When I had my pap smear the gyn noticed right away I was having spotting and fairly heavy for that time of the month...

the mood swings and confidence issues and insecurity have been something else recently given I take prozac and it use to work.  it just seemed to stop working so suddenly or working as well suddenly, but then I thought about it and realize I started taking Ambien around the same time

Has anyone else had issues with taking prozac and/or Ambien and having these type of issues

thanks, suzanne

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 10:58pm

I take Prozac, same dosage as you do.  I was put on it for PMDD (I called it severe PMS).  I also felt wonderful taking it and now I do not notice the mood swings and all before my period.

If you went to gyn to have your pap smear, the doctor may be able to answer these questions.  Also, I have found calling the pharmacy where I get my medication and asking them to tell me about mixing certain drugs.  You could try that.

I use to take Ambien, but it became a issue.  Not remembering things, etc.  I personally think it is a dangerous drug if one does not go directly to bed.  I think it just takes 10 minutes to work, but you may not realize it is working because you may feel the same.  For me, I didn't go right to bed, and that became a issue.  It does work though to sleep!!!

I am not sure of your age, been as I am getting older, my cycles are becoming irregular.  Too much info, but I have now had it for 9 days!!  That never happened before.  Each month is different.  Maybe it is age?