CNN Article RE: Parent(ing) & Anti/depressant/Depression

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CNN Article RE: Parent(ing) & Anti/depressant/Depression
Mon, 02-18-2013 - 9:36pm

Hi All

Just thought I would share this link.  Its an article from CNN and is about parents need antidepressants just to code with their kids and depression and how they are more prone to depression and anxiety as parents, especially of course if they already have depression

although there is an interesting remark about how some physician suggests no medication unless you're also doing psychotherapy.  Not sure whatever everyone else thinks.  But I've tried counseling 3 times at least but it hasnt helped much.  My last counseling that lasted at least 6plus months was mainly used for "venting" about my weekly issues and goings.  Dont really have anyone to talk to.


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((Suzanne)) hug.  You do have someone to talk to on the board.  Me, everyone who comes by, more people are willing to listen I believe on here.  I try to welcome everyone and keep our board here a safe place, if you need or want to talk.  Post anytime.

Thanks for sharing the article, going to read it.  Looks interesting!!