Good news-- Hope it lasts!

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Good news-- Hope it lasts!
Wed, 09-14-2011 - 4:29pm

My fiance has some work coming this weekend and starting Monday. More work then we originally thought. I had a talk with him today and set some boundaries. I let him know that he has to get his teeth taken care of with the money he earns. Every pay check is one appointment for the dentist. I also let him know I will not tolerate the negative talk everyday, all day long. In addition to that, I said he needs to go back to counseling and needs to stick with it longer then he typically does. This is my last try. If things do not get better with him than, unfortunately, I will have to end things. I am hoping things get better. We already did couples counseling, so this is my last try. I need less stress in my life. I know life hands out stress to everyone, but some we make for ourselves and I have to find more peace.

I want to start volunteer work because I am on disability and cannot work, so I want to have this stress off me so I can dedicate my attention to volunteering. I am looking into volunteering for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). It is for kids in the foster care system. To help be a voice for them and to help them with home placement. This is volunteer work you bring home with you as well as travel and go to court. I need all the energy I can get to help these kids. I do not want to be a total mess while trying to help them.

     ~ Tina ~

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Wed, 09-14-2011 - 7:58pm

Good for you!!

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Thu, 09-15-2011 - 4:29pm


it's so great you have some good news, you sure do deserve it after everything you have been going through.