Hello All

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Hello All
Wed, 08-24-2011 - 3:46am

Hi All,

My name is Merideth and I am 27 years old and I dont even know where to start. I have depression. I would love to talk to my family and friends about it, but I dont want to be a burden on them. Its so hard to keep a smile on my face when I am hurting on the inside. Ive been through alot in 27 years and am finally tired of hiding the pain, anger, and hurt. So I joined in hopes that someone out there is feeling what I am feeling and can be a shoulder to lean on and understands. So that all for now, I dont want to get to much into detail, but with time I am hoping I can open up and start on the path to getting better.

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 7:51am

Hi Merideth,

Welcome to the board!!!

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 10:34pm

Hi and welcome to the board!

We try to be supportive of one another and to offer encourage when we can.

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Mon, 08-29-2011 - 9:30am

Hey Mer,

You have found a good place to come and talk.