I can't do this anymore

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I can't do this anymore
Fri, 08-23-2013 - 5:40am

I've had depression all of my adult life and it gets pretty bad sometimes.  Now is one of those times.  I just can't go on like this.  I've had to give my mother my gun (which I'd rather not have in the first place; I inherited it) and she's keeping an eye on my meds so I don't overdose.

I have no life right now.  I'm on disability for bipoar disorder and I only leave the house to shop... and that's only when I can't convince my mother to do it for me.  Because I'm on disability, my mother has to help me a lot financially.  She also helps take care of me.  I'm at the point in which I can do my daily necessities, but need help shopping, going to appointments, making important decisions, etc.

'm on Zyprexa, Prozac, Lamictal, and Klonopin, and nothing seems to be helping right now.  Is there another medication I should ask my shrink for?

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Mon, 09-09-2013 - 10:08am


I just replied to your other post on the Suicide Thoughts and Feelings board.  Please go see it and please can you update on what your doctor has said or done?  I wrote more in my other post.  Please stay safe and let us know what is going on and how your doing today.

Cyber hug