my bf daughter having a hard time

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my bf daughter having a hard time
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 12:56am

my bf daughter took an overde, plus lots of booze.  this was 2 mornings ago.  a lot of stress on him these days. he has a very close friend who is in a nursing home dying. my bf is there 5 hours every day. then today a nurse called my bf and asked him to go back cause his friend wanted him back... and now his daughter. she's got a tough road ahead of her... she knows she needs to stop drinking we hope she does, the worse part is her husband is a serious boozer, and pot head... she said he never does nothing at there home not even the trash, she does everything... i'm not to happy with him right now cause when she called her dad and told him she took an over dose and wanted to die, he gave me the phone to talk to her while he was getting dress to go pick her up and take her to hospital her husband took her phone and called me a ( fu---- bit--)... this really piss me off and i wanted to tell him off, but since he was drunk and i don't think he even new who was talking to his wife i might have to let it go....

           forgot to say that she is in the hospital. i know it's her life and she's the one that must do the work, but i know this is going to be hard for her to make any changes.... personally, i feel she needs to get a divorse, and go to AA meetings and live alone.. out of all my bf 7 adult kids she and i are the closest... and i relate with her in many things.. in fact she and i met 1st before her dad and i met.. we met in a panic attack support group.  like i say we are a lot alike.. she feels her family don't care or understands her, and i use to feel the same way about mine. i just hope she will be strong enough to make the changes and stick to it... she also has addiction with one med and since she took that in her over dose they told her she can never go back on it..

           i had a friend who we met when we were 17.. i was homeless at the time living on the sts. and i related to her also and i was just so lucky i quit the st. drugs and crazy drinking when i got pregnant for my daughter at age 19.. i went cold turkey on everything even cig. my friend never quit the bad drugs and 5 years ago it took her life....and i new it could have happen to me...i am one of these people when i see someone who i've been in there shoes and there family's and friends dump them like it happen to me i want to be there for them, cause the main thing we all need is love from just one person, and acceptence, and i am there for them..i hate this tough love thing.... it never worked for me in fact it made me more upset and angry, but when 1 person showed me love and really listen to me with love for me i started to change....

this is probably getting to long so i'll stop here... thank you              suzy

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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 7:32pm


Suzy you are just so cool, my dd would love you!

Your bf dd is lucky to have you because you are caring and there for her.

That's ALL my dd ever wanted herself for ppl not to judge bs on the tough love but be there really be there.

Thanks for sharing this.

I hope it works out, she has you and I think with your support she will make it!


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Sat, 02-09-2013 - 9:56pm

((big hug to you Suzy))  You are a strong, kind, smart woman who I admire!  As Lorie mentioned, she is lucky to have your love and support.  I know you have been there for me in rough times and you understand what people are going through.  I have not met you in person, but I can say, you are one of the best people I know