Pity Party...for 1.

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Pity Party...for 1.
Sun, 12-11-2011 - 7:25pm

Nobody knows how truly miserable I am. From the outside it looks like I have it all together. My

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Mon, 12-12-2011 - 10:27am


I think you are allowed to have pity parties here and there. I am having one now and it aint fun...as I am single older woman who doesnt have much going on right now.. and its getting to me. I am also out on the singles scene and its taking its toll on me so i know how you feel there.

Maybe you could take a break from a few things and get some alone time.. You dont have to spend so much time dating or with friends.. Do what you have to do and chuck the rest for awhile..

You are not alone and continue to journal as that helps..

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Mon, 12-12-2011 - 7:37pm

I can tell you, your definetly not alone!!!!

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Mon, 12-12-2011 - 7:57pm

No, you are not alone.

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Tue, 12-13-2011 - 2:29pm

No, you are definitely not alone. We hear and we understand.