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Mon, 06-03-2013 - 4:27pm

I've had several of them recently.  For one, I'm having my first day in ages at home with no help.  I got DS1 (5) off to the school bus this morning with only minor stress; the rest of the day has been great.  For two, not only am I home alone, but I've even been productive.  Well, sort of.  I got some dishes washed, the diswasher emptied and reloaded, and some toys out of the living room, and I made a yummy lunch for the boys (even though DS2 (3) didn't eat it).  And for three, I finished my Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross lifesaving courses.  They're my first step to becoming a swim instructor and a lifeguard.  I've only been swimming for two months, so this is huge for me.  I did have a really rough patch last week, but other than that, I'm actually feeling pretty good.

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That is great Rhae!




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I thought I had responded to this post, but guess not.  So, I am so happy for all you are accomplishing!!  I can imagine it makes you feel so good and proud!  Horray!! Cool  Thanks for sharing your wonderful successes!!!!