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I'm new to this.


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Welcome to the board.

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Hi and Welcome to the board. We are so sorry to hear that you are in so much anquish. Please get to a phone right now and call 911 and tell them how you feel. People do care and there is help available. We are here for you now to listen and support you and want to know that you are going to be okay, so please pick up your phone call someone.

Here are a few more references for you if you don't want to call 911:


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I am real sorry that you feel as bad as you do right now.

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Hi and welcome to the board.

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I'm from Canada and I just wanted to let you know that suicide is definately not the answer. Your family, including your brother

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Thanks for sharing this, I printed it off.


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Which post/who wrote the post?

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Hi - I don't really have anything to add to the wonderful

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Reading this post is not only sad to me, but it reminds me of what thousands of people are silently going through. You have made a great initial start by seeking out help and understanding from the online community. However, suicide is not the answer. There are other ways to gain back control. Please call a hotline, such as

to get some answers from a professional. You are not alone in this and people can help, weather you can believe that or not.