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Sat, 04-06-2013 - 1:59am

I was just wondering if anyone else feels weird when people compliment them on their weight loss? I've been bulimic/EDNOS for 8 months now. That combined with dieting & exercise a few months prior to becoming bulimic/EDNOS I've lost about 60 pounds. 

So, my mom and brother came for a visit this weekend and I haven't seen either of them in person for about a year. Needless to say I guess I look dramatically different.  But for some reason all the compliments and comments just kind of make me feel strange and are almost triggering. 

Then when we were visiting my aunt, my brother was talking about my weight loss and my aunt said, "Don't listen to what anyone says, you can never be too thin".

Ugh! So not a good thing to say to someone who's battling an eating disorder. I know she doesn't know I have an eating disorder but it's still odd to say.  

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else gets bothered by compliments or comments. I know I've lost a lot of weight and everyone says I look great, but that's not what I see when I look in the mirror.  And it's tough because I know the truth of how I did it.....and the toll it's taken on me mentally and physically.



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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 4:02pm

Yes I have a terrible time with people's compliments/comments. It triggers my ED because I guess I feel like they're "calling me out" on it and I get defensive. Otherwise I feel as though they're saying "yeah you were fat and needed to lose weight" and that makes me think yup I'm fat. As you said, it makes me feel bad because some don't have any idea on how I lose weight and what I go through. At times, that makes me very bitter too.

It does seem like an odd comment from your aunt. That would trigger my ED :/ Mainly because my ED tells me that every single day. I'm never thin enough. Never good enough.

Definitely not alone though. I also find it very awkward.