Teenage girls trying to get thigh gap

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Teenage girls trying to get thigh gap
Mon, 08-12-2013 - 8:48am

According to iVillage Health, teenage girls are going to extremes to get a gap between their thighs. "It seems that many teen girls have become obsessed with the “thigh gap.” If you haven’t heard of this trend, it’s exactly as it sounds. Girls are doing whatever it takes to become thin enough to have a gap between their thighs when they stand. Of course this is dangerous because very few people are able to achieve this look naturally, and so girls are going to unnatural and unhealthy lengths to get it done. Memes are cropping up all over “thinspiration” pages where girls go to strengthen their resolve toward being thin at any cost -- often developing disordered eating. Parents, educators, eating disorder specialists and other adults in charge are justifiably concerned about this. People are wringing their hands about how wrong the teens are and how we’re going to have to get them to stop." read more

Your thoughts?

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Tue, 08-20-2013 - 1:14pm

Well, to be honest everytime I read stuff like this it kind of irritates me. I guess because I always get the impression that people are always looking for something to blame. I understand the media, etc. can feed into ED behaviors but I still am not convinced it is what makes a person develop an ED. I do agree that young girls...and men (let's not forget that men are affected too)...need to learn how to accept themselves no matter what.

I do agree we can set a better example. Lead by example right? However, there is a lot more to this. The world is messed up and it's not just what magazine, memes or whatever portray.

I'll be quite honest, that if I want to be triggered I don't look at pics of skinny models. I tend to do the opposite.

I dunno, a healthy balance would be nice. I don't wanna accept my body at anything less than healthy. I don't wanna be emaciated but I don't wanna be overweight either. I just wish somebody had taught me how to find balance in life...and not just with food...but with everything. That might have helped.

Sorry if I ranted. Overall, I do agree with what that article was saying. We all need to accept ourselves nonetheless.

I have a crying baby in my ear lol. My brain is frazzled >.<