Very irritable!!

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Very irritable!!
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 6:41pm

The past few days I've been completely miserable. Yesterday was the type of day where I knew it would be crap right from the get-go. I don't really know why I'm so cranky. Everything is getting on my last nerve so I'd rather be alone.

So, naturally, I just want my ED. At least then I could hate with good reason. Yes, I'm gravitating toward the inevitable food obsession cuz there's nowhere else to go with this horrific mood.

If only I could starve anger away. I keep thinking I can...

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 6:41pm

Hey Maryah,

yep, I know what you mean. But you have to keep ignoring the ED. I think all those pregnancy hormones, all the upheaval with moving back home plus dealing with your DDs issues are all swirling around right now. But ED isn't going to give you control, it will just rob you of it.

Keep going girl, we are here for you.