If you were beautiful would you have poor self esteem?

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If you were beautiful would you have poor self esteem?
Sun, 04-21-2013 - 11:18am

Am I shallow because I feel if I were more attractive I would have better self-esteem?

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If you modeled for a glamour magazine would you be shallow if you worried about keeping your look, or have fewer possible self-esteem issues?

Since we all are beautiful, as well as, wonderful and marvelous the question has to be the result of a ..." No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day!"


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self-esteem has nothing to do with looks. unfortunately, there are plenty of 'beautiful people' out there who place their self-worth solely on attractiveness, and then wonder why they still feel so bad about themselves when nobody is admiring them. good self-esteem is saying, 'okay, maybe i don't look like a model, but that's fine. i'm still a good person who is worthy of respect.' but if you are hung up on your 'non-attractiveness' (which i'm sure is all in your head, i'm sure you are pretty and don't even know it), come up with a list of three or five or even ten things that you like about your appearance, even silly things like 'i have nice, straight teeth', lol. the point here is to learn how to talk positively to yourself instead of always putting yourself down. does that make sense?
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I thought I would share this...:)...