Offensive Commercials to Women-hidden esteem triggers

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Offensive Commercials to Women-hidden esteem triggers
Thu, 12-19-2013 - 6:59pm

Possible hidden Self-esteem triggers can you spot one?  Any comment?

Sometimes we are not aware of the multitude of outside agents that subconsciously affect our or others behavior.

Offensive Commercials to Women

Source: Leslie Goldman

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hey, mlk - sorry for the delayed response; i've been having login issues with this site forever. i think that 99.9% of commercials (and marketing in general) are stupid and if you can realize that they're not to be taken seriously then you won't fall for the dumb messages that they convey about what our society supposedly thinks....and you might even ask yourself, "where do these messages come from?" like, who actually said that women should be portrayed a certain way, for example? i personally prefer thinking for myself, as opposed to mindlessly accepting something that i saw on TV. HOWEVER - the reason why we are here on this board in the first place is the media. there are so many self-esteem triggers in commercials, because the whole point of advertising is to convince you to buy something, and how do they do that? by telling you (or simply suggesting) that what you have right now isn't good enough. isn't that low self-esteem, in a nutshell? and since we're exposed to advertising pretty much 24/7, then we're always absorbing that message.