POLL: Do all women have self-esteem issues?

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POLL: Do all women have self-esteem issues?
Mon, 04-02-2012 - 8:36am
Do all women have self esteem problems? No, many don't Yes, I think all women do Other

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Mon, 04-02-2012 - 12:28pm

Personally, I suspect that EVERYONE, male and female, has self-esteem issues. Some think too much of themselves; some think too little. I suspect it's really really rare to find someone who is "just right", as Goldilocks would say. It's just that some poeple are really good at hiding their issues...

SO I voted other.

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Wed, 04-04-2012 - 7:59am
agree with thatyank - everybody has self-esteem issues at some point or another.
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Wed, 04-25-2012 - 11:15pm


Coming from a very dysfuntional family I was one angry person.

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 1:28pm

I think that is it a personal issue, and because I don't know all women, I can't possibly know if all women have self-esteem issues.