Depo Question

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Depo Question
Mon, 11-08-2010 - 2:32pm

Hello there! I'm hoping someone can help me out with a depo question I have....I've been doing some reading online and I'm a bit nervous. I've been on depo since March 2010 and I've had a wonderful weight gain, not a drop of spotting since I've started it....really none of the bad side effects. I got married in April and my husband and I want to start TTC in the next 6 months or so. I'm due to get my next shot by the end of the month and I'm unsure if I should get it or not because of what I've heard about it taking so long to get out of your system.

So.....I'm looking for opinions, experiences, etc!! Thanks in advance!!


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Tue, 11-09-2010 - 1:49pm

Hi Lindsay,

Everyone is different, so I'd say definitely discuss this with your doctor.

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Sun, 01-30-2011 - 12:33am

i am wondering how long it take to get out of ur body as well i have only taken shot two times and it been 4 months i believe it been since i last had it

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Sun, 01-30-2011 - 10:02am
The "average" (according to trials) for the body to begin ovulating again is about 5 1/2 months after the last injection. This, of course, varies from person to person. If you are concerned, I believe you can contact your doctor's office and ask for blood tests to check your hormone levels.

HTH! :)