Not Sure if Birth Control Is Working

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Not Sure if Birth Control Is Working
Sat, 02-22-2014 - 12:24am

Well everyone it's almost one week after my newest set of delusions were "born" and over the past few months I've noticed some odd changes. Around Christmas and January I was experiencing "mini-periods" between my birth control induced ones and my sex drive would get quite high about a week after my injection.

    Today it is only one day after my injection and my sex drive is through the roof, I tried taking my Zarah later on since I'd forgotten today and was advised to take my morning psyche med the next day which I'm afraid could interfere with my sleep. It's just one pill though and it's the lowest dosed psychiatric drug I take, hopefully it won't have an effect on me.

     The thing that really got me off was watching two male Sims having sex in a story I'm researching for the genetics for future Neopets. I've always been attracted to gay men and straight men have never quite attracted me unless they've got effeminate qualities. I think this is rooted in my early years, when my main idol, Marilyn Manson, had long hair, wore makeup and corsets. Also my first BF back in high school was Asian, even though he had short hair, he always seemed like the more feminine one.

       I'm concerned that these re-occuring instances of upped libido along with spotting and fluid leakage is a sign my birth control isn't working properly anymore, I was advised by my therapist to get some hormonal bloodwork done to check this out. What do you think I should do? By the way I've also lost nearly 10 pounds with only a minor change in diet, is that unusual?