Abdominal pain

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Abdominal pain
Tue, 04-05-2011 - 9:36pm
I've been dealing with recurrent pain in my lower right abdomen for a few months. It starts about 11 days after my period starts, varies in intesiy and usually stops when my period starts. I went or my annual exam, told thm my symptoms and the doc did not inicate anything was wrong during exam. My exam was a six days after my period started. six days post exam, I started getting cramps and had pain in the lower right side. The cramping got worse and my period started again. ( two weeks early). This happened on fri and sat. I called the doc's office on monday was told it sounded like a ruptured cyst and if I was still bleeding two days later to come in. The bleeding was lighter than my period ( my period is extremely heavy and change pad every two hours. thankfully lasts 2-3 days) and at the end of day one I am now spotting but still have mild cramping and low back pain. The last time I had a cyst and went in after it ruptured everything looked ok so I am hesitant to waste their time again. My questions: shouldn't the doc have found the cyst during routine exam and if I am not bleeding but cramping should I call them again? Thanks for your time and advice.
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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 11:54pm

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From what you've written, it sounds like something is going on around ovulation.