advice plz

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advice plz
Thu, 11-01-2012 - 12:28pm

hi im new to this board, looking for a bit of advice.

in march 2011 i had my 3rd son via c-section i was then sterlized there & then.

i bf my son for 9 months when i stopped my periods were hell, i was leaking everywhere, having to leave work to change.

in april 2012 i had a marina coil fitted to help with the bleeding, but i bled continuasly with it in, wasnt alot but was still bleeding. last wed i went for another check up at gyne and they decided to take it out, since then i have had the most horrendis bleeding, huge clots every time i sit on the loo, going through a pack of pads a day. 

the gyne gave me one tablet to take for 4 days and the other to take all the time, i called my gp on tue as this is the worst it has ever been, i am going to my gp 2morrow morning to refer me to a private hospital as my gyne said i have to give it 3 months & wont see me till the 30th jan.

anyone got any advice for me i would be very greatful

thanks xxx

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 11:21am
Oh, I'm so sorry! What a horrible thing to go through. Have the pills helped? Do you get a break from the bleeding like a normal period or is it continuous? I would ask about an Endometrial Ablation. They destroy the uterine lining so you bleed very little. I've seen a couple women here who have had it done and have been successful. How did your appointment go?


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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 8:41am

HI Sorry im just logging back on!

The bleeding was continuose, if im lucky i had a day here & there!

I decided i couldnt go on like this and went to see a private Gyne, Who was fantastic! I told him my history & he was straight to the point!

Ablasions- NO Due to having 0.6 of normal tissue due to sections

Hyterectomy- Yes, This was my only option, In a way i was so happy as i knew this is wot i had needed but the NHS wouldnt do it, So 2 weeks later i had my Total Vaginal Hysterectomy-  I am now 8 weeks Post op & i feel like a brand new person!

Recovery was hard, with having 3 young kids, But i feel in the last 8 years i have had 5 gyne ops and 3 children... it was the best thing i have done.

Vicky xxx