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Hello. I am new to this board and need some advice. I am 35, married with two awesome girls.

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Hi and Welcome!

I'm sure someone will have some additional advice for you, but I wouldn't stress over being pregnant. That can make your period even later/more off. If you haven't seen anything yet, I'd give the doctor a call and see what s/he says.

Good luck!

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Hmmm... have you had sex between 11/10 and now? It does seem unlike that you would be pregnant, especially if a pregnancy test was negative. Was it a urine pregnancy test or was it done using blood?

Remember that stress and illness can cause delays in a woman's cycle, so it really could be just that and nothing to be worried about, however if you go a second month without a period, I'd for sure suggest you see your doctor.

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It's very unlikely you are pregnant. Are you using a hormonal method of birth control? Many of them make your periods lighter, and very light bleeding is often brown in color.

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