Dr Oz says a wet bathing suit and tight jeans won't cause yeast

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Dr Oz says a wet bathing suit and tight jeans won't cause yeast
Thu, 01-23-2014 - 10:36am

I watched dr oz yesterday and he said that it is a myth that tight jeans or wearing a wet bathing suit will cause a yeast infection. My doctor has been telling me this for years. Since when did things change? Is what he says true?

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I saw that same show and I don't know if I believe it. I too have been told that a wet bathing suit and tight jeans will cause a yeast infection by my doctor. I think I will stick with my doctor's advice because she isn't trying to get TV ratings.

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Hello! I've personally never got a yeast infection from a wet bathing suit or tight jeans nor have I ever known anyone who has. Maybe it is a myth? I've struggled with recurring yeast infections in the past. Saw my doctor over and over for help. Not one time did the doc mention that birth control pills can cause recurring yeast infections. I had to research my self online, Once I stopped the pill, no more problems. Doctors don't always get things right!


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Did anyone see today's show? He actually recommended using a yogurt coated tampon for a yeast infection.