Fem Dophilus for EITHER yeast or bacterial?

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Fem Dophilus for EITHER yeast or bacterial?
Tue, 04-26-2011 - 11:03am

Just wanted to ask here and see if from personal experience you can tell me Fem Dophilus is good for either yeast or BV? So far all the reviews I've read have said yes... but you know how people are, they interchange yeast and BV, so you can never know if they know what they are talking about :smileywink:

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Hi there,

I know you mentioned your uninsured, but perhaps you can work out a payment plan with your doctor or try going to Planned Parenthood to be diagnosed and treated correctly. While you might be "sure" that it's yeast that has morphed to BV, you never know and should be diagnosed properly so that you can treat the infection correctly.

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Yeast doesn't morph into BV.


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Yeast infections and BV are not treated with the same medication.

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Yeast infections and BV are two different conditions. Since you tried the OTC yeast infection medications I would really recommend going to Plan Parenthood. Plan Parenthood may do it for free or charge you very little. (Less than what you paid on your 3 OTC yeast infection creams).

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Can't really answer your question but I can give some input.

I'm from the UK and my research led me to these tablets. I'm at my wits end so have had then shipped over from the USA and have been taking them for about 5 days now, not enough time to say if anything is improving or not yet.

Can I ask, are you on or have you changed hormonal birth control?

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