if you've had a tubal ligation.... (tmi?)

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if you've had a tubal ligation.... (tmi?)
Fri, 06-03-2011 - 5:48pm

Post op- Did you have bleeding after sex?

I was told to wait a week before having sex, we waited over a week & I hadn't bled at all for about 3 days (AF showed the day after my surgery) so it was 10 days after surgery we had sex & there was blood, no pain at all, we waited another 3 days & did it again & there was nothing, then did it again the next day & I bled again... the only difference was I wasn't on top the time I didn't bleed, both times I bled, I was on top.....
I called to make an appointment with my Dr, I needed a follow up visit anyway, but she's running behind & can't get me in until next week, but a nurse is suppose to call me next week to talk to me about the bleeding.... they didn't seem very concerned.....

also how soon after were you able to work out again?? I've been wanting to do zumba & they said to wait about 3 weeks before lifting or abdominal exercises, but I really want to do it & I feel like I"d be fine... idk... I don't want to hurt anything either!

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Sun, 06-05-2011 - 3:37pm

Hi there!

Glad you are recovering so well from surgery.