Living with HSV2 (need advice on recurring outbreaks)

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Living with HSV2 (need advice on recurring outbreaks)
Thu, 02-20-2014 - 9:26pm


I found this website long time ago when i was having some anxiety issues and everyone on here seemed to really help alot. My husband and I have been living with gential herpes since 2009 and after a while neither of us really had any issues with it. But the last couple years my husband has suffered cronically with having recurring outbreaks and it really affects our relationship since we cant be intimate until it clears up for him and then its such a breif window most of the time that hes clear of anything and then before we know it hes having another outbreak. Ive gone to my OBGYN and been checked out for anything and everything and most of the time everything is ok i have however had more frequent BV infections in the last couple of years than ever before but even still the Dr's insist i cant give that to him its just not possible they say.. so hes gone to his Dr and even been to see an infectious disease specialist and still wasnt able to really get any answers. Ive been living with this long enough i know this isnt normal to be having so many issues and i cant seem to find help from anyone, Ive looked up natural ways to help with the disease and outbreaks and still nothing helps, we eat a healthy diet also..  i dont know what to do and when i try to talk about solutions or going back to the dr he just gets frustrated. its making me so sad and stressed because of the stress its caused on our relationship. is there anyone out there thats been through anything like this that can offer me any kind of advice. Thank you for listening.

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Oh, I'm so sorry!  I can only imagine how frustrating this is for both of you.  Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with herpes.  Could you find other ways to be intimate and connect with him? A quick weekend away or playing minature golf?

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  I wish you all the best!