Ovarian issue?

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Ovarian issue?
Thu, 07-07-2011 - 9:14am
Ok I have a couple stupid questions, can my doctor actually feel my ovaries during a pelvic exam? Yesterday he said "I have your ovary between my fingers". now excuse my ignorance but they aren't that low are they? And isn't the vaginal canal exactly that, a canal... We're not "open" in there are we??
Ok now my problem. For about a week I have been having pain on my lower right side, where I know I feel ovulation pain (about 2-3 inches from my hip bone) the pain is intermittent but real bad during intercourse. We tried different positions and the pain was the same. If he wasn't in too far I was ok, if he thrusted it was awful. I was supposed to start my period next Sunday/Monday so I thought it was an odd time to have ovary issues and thought maybe a cyst. Well I started yesterday which gave me a 24 day cycle, my earliest ever. For the last few months my cycle has been different, a day of flood like bleeding a day of nothing on a tampon then another day of very heavy bleeding and so on for 5-7 days. Not my normal. I am very bloated, can't lose weight, and about 3 months ago started having a little leaking of urine if I sneeze, laugh, jump.... All of a sudden I went from I could hold it without an issue to I have to go now or I'm going. Last night was the worst. I went right before bed at 10 and at 3:30 woke up wet. Not soaked but the back of my panties and pajamas were wet. I had a liner on so that helped. I am concerned. Everything I read says these are all ovarian cancer symptoms but my dr yesterday said my ovaries felt fine and the pain I felt was possibly my appendix or a sore muscle. I think I know what a sore muscle feels like and the pain during intercourse wasn't a muscle.

Any advice?

Oh and I'm 36, have 3 kids - youngest is 15. I had a D&C in November 2009 for a blighted ovum.



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Thu, 07-07-2011 - 7:43pm


First, yes the doctor can feel your ovaries, I thought only from the outside.