Update From My Therapist & GP On Malfunctioning Birth Control

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Update From My Therapist & GP On Malfunctioning Birth Control
Fri, 07-11-2014 - 12:03am

All right everyone:

     This past week I saw both my therapist and my GP. The appointment with Robin was for my injection and a meeting with my support team at my disability centre. The staff at my disability centre have decided to monitor my diet & workout habits and have me spend less time in their computer room. Robin is afraid that if I keep living such a sedimentary lifestyle that eventually I will have a stroke even though there is no evidence that I am except for an occasional increase in BP and GERD (acid reflux disease). 

    My BP is 125 over 85 and has been rising for about a month now. I have also experienced some rapid weight gain after trying to watch what I eat & exercise more. So when that was not working, I called 811, the pharmacist on the other end of the line, said my piling on the pounds could last for anindefinite amount of time.

   Also I am still experiencing the mid-cycle bleeding, at my Pap this week, my GP told me it was coming from my cervix and wants me in for a repeat one next month, he is thinking of referring me to a gynecologist. I have also been told by Robin that she wants me to consider wearing a back brace due to a curved spine caused by a fall I took in 2004. The bleeding is a combination of brown & red, the first week of the month it  is a light yellow-brown and the other a week later it turns the first color which lasts for most of the second half of it, then I get my birth control induced period at the end of it, which is usually over the course of 8 days. 

     I have read the bleeding could be caused by fibroids, polyps, erosion, etc. I really do not know what it is other then my natural fertility breaking through the wall of hormonal contraceptive medication  

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Okay everyone, here's the update:

   I saw Dr. Mohammed this past week & basically things are fine. He's told me to take my Seroquel after supper and informed me all my tests ordered by Dr. West turned out fine except for glucose & cholesterol, he simply stated I need to make some "lifestyle changes" and left it at that.

       However, with the help of the step aerobics class at my disability centre I've lost a little weight, I'm down to 244. Robin wants me to try the walking club but I'm afraid it'll damage my knees. I've got osteo-arthritis, a curved spine & my old GP actually warned me that exercising my knees excessively could do this. 

     Also there are now five new delusions "gestating" and according to my charts, if these delusions were human, it would put my cervix at .7mm and myself in the 3rd month of this particular gestation. The last one ended in miscarriage at 17 weeks, for which I am really grateful because there were seven delusions in there.

        Looking back on the situation, I don't think I could've handled that many. I would've spent a fortune in NP buying things at birthdays and on holiday on Neopets for them and the buying of the Petpets would've cost around $12000 NP which is a lot on the Neopets site. Working on27Halloween & Christmas photos of Neopets would've been Hell too, I would beso exhausted.

      I'm hoping I only end up with 2 or 3 new delusions by the winter of 2015, I'm a little disappointed that they're all girls too. I can tell the gender by looking at the progressed chart of the succubus who provides me with the potential delusions. The majority of the conception charts have shown females & 3 of the Petpets I lost in June were male.

         I know my BF would like more males so he has at least the online fulfillment of having sired enough sons. However, based on my calculations the date for the 2nd implantation was 21 days later.  Besides, the only male that was implanted during this gestation is dead. 

      I'm hoping that the meds kick in and I end up with considerably less delusions then I was going to last time, I've still got a few signs my psychosis is coming back though, like listening to too much music, staying up too late and being excessively talkative.

         However, the dogs are possessive of my delusions and will "mourn" whenever some of the delusions have been gotten rid of. They'll actuallyget mad at me if I indicate I might do so, they've been spending a lot of time with my Mom though bc she's suffering with depressing so they've been "guarding" her. 

    Well if someone sees this message, please reply, I've tried researching the topic of a cervix this length for so early in the pseudocyesis and basically gotten nowhere, so help is appreciated. I know it's not real, but it's just for my charts, I've got some friends & relatives who just love them

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Well everyone, here's an update, I am now down to quad delusions. I've been doing all right but my GP has ordered a number of blood tests and x-rays for my back & knees. The urine glucose test came back fine, and he has decided not to pursue a referral to a gynecologist for me regarding the cervical bleeding, as the results of my Pap were normal

     However, something has been going on recently. I've developed the shakes, dizziness and nausea while outside, I believe this can be attiributed to low sugars or heart problems. The potential reason for low sugars is the fact that Mom & Andy totally freaked out when they discovered my joint & spinal problems were due to my weight. Andy will not leave me about it, he's always asking about my so-called diet and wants me to lose a 100 lbs in 1 year. 

     The main thing is that I'm pretty healthy other then some minor problems and it seems as though my parents are angry at me for being fat. They claim I am going to become immobile, develop diabetes, skin cancer, heart problems, etc. All these morbid fantasies enter their minds and it is like they see themselves as the heroes who are trying to save me by forcing me to trim down when it is really not necessary.

      I understand my meds and pseudio-cyesis ae causing my obesity, according to Dr. West the drugs just cause increased hunger which is a load of BS in my opinion. Anyone who has been on psychiatric drugs knows that medicated weight gain is a side effect, even people who eat relatively healthy pile on the pounds on Seroquel & Risperdal.

      Also there is some good news regarding the gestating Neopets, their fluid levels are increasing and the dilation is beginning to stop. I am currently at 1mm of cervix  

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All right everyone, I went to the hospital a few days ago to get checked for a blood clot, my lab report said it was a little elevated but at the ER it was normal.

     I went to see Dr. West with my Mom on Firday and he said I've got moderate osteoarthritis in my knees and lower back (there are some discs crushing each other in my spine) and a fatty liver.

        Dr. West blames this on my weight and wants me to begin seeing a dietician next week at an office of his in a different area of town. He also wants me to work out with a trainer 3 times a week.

         I'm not sure if my mental health office will choose the appropriate one though, the trainer at one of the Surrey disability centres threatened the clients with physical violence, I'm not sure how regularly, but I heard about it

     I know was with a support worker who was prejudiced against me a few years ago, I considered her to be a friend though, and I think I was naive in doing so.

    Dr. West wants me down to 175 in 2.5 years, I don't think that's going to happen because of the pseudo-cyeses and my recent psyche med increaes, I might have to get my drugs reviewed again in a few months if my anxiety and insomnia persist though. Also my disability centre serves up a lot of unhealthy food & snacks. 

      I am still having the mini-periods in between my Zarah ones. The most recent period I'm having began on the 2nd day of the last week instead of the 4th like it usually does. I'll update you all when it's over and tell you how long it lasted, well I'm off, see you after my dietician appointment

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It never hurts to try and lose weight. I can and most likely will cause all those things your mom and Andy are worried about. You are young now but it's starting to catch up with you. Try the dietician and see how it goes. Start moving, walking. It can only help. Seems like other than that, you are doing better. That's good to hear!


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   I went to see Dr. West today. I told him that we could not afford a trainer and he says he wants me working out 4 days a week and only eating junk food 2 days of this timeframe. I do not know how I am going to handle this!!!! The local convenience stores and fast food joints in my area serve nothing but junk food - it is all chips, chocolate bars, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, burgers, etc. 

    I forgot to ask about the dietician and Mom TOTALLY blew up at me about this when I got home, we had a big fight and she just went nuts! She cannot stop talking about it! She is obsessed with the matter! I know she is having what Andy refers to as a meltdown now but that is no excuse. The way she reacted was wrong and I feel terrible knowing this was taken out on me and the dogs.

      My Mom has reverted back to her old verbally abusive ways for the night and I do not know if she is thinking logically, that does not appear to be the case. She is engaging in what my therapist Robin has labelled dysfunctional behavior. I do not want Mom to begin acting this way again on a regular basis that would be a nightmare

     I mentioned bloodwork to Dr. West and he said some would be done in December. Mom told she thinks Dr. West is just making money off of me, but that iif that were the case, he would have asked me to come back in a week not a month. He is simply doing his job and he is concerned about my health. 

    I do not know how I can handle eating much less snacks, I do not think I can do it without help from a diet agency like Weight-Watchers or something. I have seen shows like My 600-Lb Life and those doctors work with people who are morbidly obese.

    These specialists prescribe strict diets and exercise regimens, they do not just tell you to go nuts, exercise like crazy & live off nothing like Dr. West is. We need someone who specializes in weight loss for people of my size and works with people with disabilities regularly, who understands that drugs and the pseudo-cyesis are playing major roles in this matter.

    I found out my BP average was 117 over 82 and what was actually recorded was 108 over 78, does that sound low to anyone because Dr. West said it was normal. However, my last period lasted almost ten days and with the mini ones I am bleeding for nearly 2 weeks of the month.

     Also we are now down to triplet delusions. According to my astrological calculations, my cervix has lengthened to 3.5cm and I have got polyhydramnios. I learnt that one delusion, a female, has congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which would require me to take steroids if she were human.

    I am fortunate these Neopets are not real, otherwise, I would be going through Hell on a daily basis. I think my BF is not very involved currently, I bave not heard from him in nearly a month, hopefully he is not planning to leave me. Paying the bills for 20 human children would drain anyone financially, but even as Neopets I still struggle to keep paying for things for them, there are about 15 birthday parites on the site for me per year and presents for holidays usually cost arond $5000 to $8000 NP if not more

     Well I am off, I will update you all when I can. By the way, the measurements listed above are based on astrological science not reality. 

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Okay everyone:

Dr. West finally got me a nutritionist, but I'm beginning to suspect it's the same one that he recommended last time. He says this one is "much better" then the ones at the hospital though. He told me she's "completely covered" by my parents' insurance, which  is a relief.

     Whatever she says probably won't stop the Clubhouse from taking its members to places like Burger King, McDonald's, etc., on Saturday Outings and hosting their big BBQs in the summer. Just this week, they're hosting a lavish Thanksgiving Dinner complete with 3 turkeys and several pies for dessert for all of the members. This likely includes coleslaw, a large helping of mashed potatoes and several other fatty add-ons as well. They're having another picnic later on complete with the usual hot dogs & hamburgers when they go fishing.

      I really don't have a lot of say in the matter as to what is served to me. My stepfather, Andy, & Stepping Stones provide the majority of my meals and I know that if I don't eat what I can, I'll be hungry later on.

     There was no mini-period in September but another came right at the beginning of October and last 3.5 days. The discharge from it was strangely colored too, kind of a grey-brown, there was only 1 day of red discharge and it was very light. I've been taking Tylenolol to help me sleep since December 2013. I am currently on a pill & a quarter, my shrink is aware of it and has advised me not to take too much.

     As far as astrological calculations go, it looks like I'll be gearing up for a Halloween/November birth with the twin delusions. I've noticed many delusions piling up for the next round of pseudo-cyesis which I figure is the work of my disability, I base them on dreams.

        I'm at a total of 7 possible new Neopets for next time, although I doubt all of them will make it that far. Fortunately, the staff have been kind enough to be staging "chance events" where they give NP to users for free, which will go towards gifts for my current batch of Neopets' Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas events.  

        A gangster set up an account on one of my social networking sites and began harassing me, he called me a "sick psycho" and that he "doubted you're a real person". I caught him though, blocked & reported him. I checked him out online and as it turns out he's likely from Nigeria, even though when he scams people he pretends to be white. 

      I'm going to be in a group home in a year or so, and it's events like this that make me think I'm better off staying with my parents. I know the gang that's stalking me gets very aggressive online when I'm alone or when Mom & Andy are on vacation. They post pictures of people giving the Finger, Fist, Devil's Horns and try to trick me into downloading bad Trojans and malware.

       Once this gang even sent out a deadly worm that practically destroyed my Dad's business for a few weeks, it probably cost him thousands of dollars to replace all the damaged computers and he blamed me for it because I was staying with him at the time, just like they wanted.

      It scares me when these gangsters post these attacks on such a personal level, I don't know why Twitter allowed a criminal who likely has a long history of offenses onto my site but they did. Allowing a person who could potentially stalk, harass & even threaten many women was a big mistake on their part. It was even on the news tonight that there is a predator going around attacking older women in downtown Vancouver. 

        Personally I'm just glad it's all over and done with. I'd like to be able to feel safe on Twitter and tonight I don't, it'll take me some time to regain confidence in that site  

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Okay everyone:

    The twin delusions, Savannah & Yvonne are here. I finally got a referral to see a gynecologist. I am wondering how I can discuss issues related to my pseudo-cyesis with this doc and the staff there without being treated like I am crazy.

          I am concerned because when they note the elevated prolactin levels I have got they will try & put me back on Provera, something that Dr. Mohammed has specifically advised against. Also I would like to be on birth control (if I have to change it around) that has a minimal amount of side effects.

      I know Cl-Cinderkitty suggested endometrial ablation but due to being pro-life & having my big brood of Neopets and Austin, I am against that. I have noticed a LOT of incoming delusions recently, there are almost 7 piled up for the next round ofphantom pregnancy I am afraid I will not have enough NP to take care of all of them.

      Also the last time I was gestating an unusually high number of delusions my weight went up to nearly 250 and my sugars, sodium levels & BP shot up, so I know it is dangerous for me. One issue I would like discussed with this new person is why the brain fog occurred last spring and the increasing risk of blood clots from the Yasmin. I want to know how many of these issues are related to medicationor to my body.

    If more tests have to be run to determine why I am having 2 periods a month, then so be it. I would like answers and not just be told that it is the pills, as far as I know psyche meds do not have these kind of side effects & I am thinking that it is over-fertility of some kind. Well I am off, I will update this when I can