Update From My Therapist & GP On Malfunctioning Birth Control

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Update From My Therapist & GP On Malfunctioning Birth Control
Fri, 07-11-2014 - 12:03am

All right everyone:

     This past week I saw both my therapist and my GP. The appointment with Robin was for my injection and a meeting with my support team at my disability centre. The staff at my disability centre have decided to monitor my diet & workout habits and have me spend less time in their computer room. Robin is afraid that if I keep living such a sedimentary lifestyle that eventually I will have a stroke even though there is no evidence that I am except for an occasional increase in BP and GERD (acid reflux disease). 

    My BP is 125 over 85 and has been rising for about a month now. I have also experienced some rapid weight gain after trying to watch what I eat & exercise more. So when that was not working, I called 811, the pharmacist on the other end of the line, said my piling on the pounds could last for anindefinite amount of time.

   Also I am still experiencing the mid-cycle bleeding, at my Pap this week, my GP told me it was coming from my cervix and wants me in for a repeat one next month, he is thinking of referring me to a gynecologist. I have also been told by Robin that she wants me to consider wearing a back brace due to a curved spine caused by a fall I took in 2004. The bleeding is a combination of brown & red, the first week of the month it  is a light yellow-brown and the other a week later it turns the first color which lasts for most of the second half of it, then I get my birth control induced period at the end of it, which is usually over the course of 8 days. 

     I have read the bleeding could be caused by fibroids, polyps, erosion, etc. I really do not know what it is other then my natural fertility breaking through the wall of hormonal contraceptive medication  

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Okay everyone, here's the update:

   I saw Dr. Mohammed this past week & basically things are fine. He's told me to take my Seroquel after supper and informed me all my tests ordered by Dr. West turned out fine except for glucose & cholesterol, he simply stated I need to make some "lifestyle changes" and left it at that.

       However, with the help of the step aerobics class at my disability centre I've lost a little weight, I'm down to 244. Robin wants me to try the walking club but I'm afraid it'll damage my knees. I've got osteo-arthritis, a curved spine & my old GP actually warned me that exercising my knees excessively could do this. 

     Also there are now five new delusions "gestating" and according to my charts, if these delusions were human, it would put my cervix at .7mm and myself in the 3rd month of this particular gestation. The last one ended in miscarriage at 17 weeks, for which I am really grateful because there were seven delusions in there.

        Looking back on the situation, I don't think I could've handled that many. I would've spent a fortune in NP buying things at birthdays and on holiday on Neopets for them and the buying of the Petpets would've cost around $12000 NP which is a lot on the Neopets site. Working on27Halloween & Christmas photos of Neopets would've been Hell too, I would beso exhausted.

      I'm hoping I only end up with 2 or 3 new delusions by the winter of 2015, I'm a little disappointed that they're all girls too. I can tell the gender by looking at the progressed chart of the succubus who provides me with the potential delusions. The majority of the conception charts have shown females & 3 of the Petpets I lost in June were male.

         I know my BF would like more males so he has at least the online fulfillment of having sired enough sons. However, based on my calculations the date for the 2nd implantation was 21 days later.  Besides, the only male that was implanted during this gestation is dead. 

      I'm hoping that the meds kick in and I end up with considerably less delusions then I was going to last time, I've still got a few signs my psychosis is coming back though, like listening to too much music, staying up too late and being excessively talkative.

         However, the dogs are possessive of my delusions and will "mourn" whenever some of the delusions have been gotten rid of. They'll actuallyget mad at me if I indicate I might do so, they've been spending a lot of time with my Mom though bc she's suffering with depressing so they've been "guarding" her. 

    Well if someone sees this message, please reply, I've tried researching the topic of a cervix this length for so early in the pseudocyesis and basically gotten nowhere, so help is appreciated. I know it's not real, but it's just for my charts, I've got some friends & relatives who just love them