Uterine Fibroid and ovarian cysts

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Uterine Fibroid and ovarian cysts
Fri, 08-17-2012 - 3:52pm

That my favorite way to start a weekend....  Went to see my gyn ARNP for a pelvic ultrasound and consultation.  At my annual a few weeks ago, it was noticed I was having an unusual amount of brownish discharge when I shouldnt.  the prior two cycles before that were the same.  and since the pap smear, I feel like a dripping faucet to some extent with the brownish discharge and it only has been gettin more frequent.  

Oddly enough it didnt start until 2 months after I started prozac and right before my 40th bday... nice bday present :smileysad:

According to the visit today, I have a Submucosal fibroid.  She said essentially its like having an IUD in you.  Also apparently have a Dermoid cysts. on one ovary and 4 small "complex" cysts on the other ovary, cant remember what she called them (maybe Endometriomas).  Next time will have to write them down or have them.  Essentially I've told can't have children due to the combo.  But they dont know who long I've had it.  That being somewhat important because I stopped by fertility treatment 1 year ago

During my fertility treatments nothing every came up about fibroids.  I had cysts after taking Clomid, not sure about my other meds and was suppose to consider IVF.  But the brownish discharge didnt start until 2-3 months ago, I never had thru during my fertility treatments

ARNP explained a couple of the more common ways to treat it, both of which means giving up having children, but said it does need to be treated.  Been doing some online research and I guess there are a couple other ways... whether or not the ins will pay is the problem.  I am single, recently divorced and have one 9 year old from an international adoption celebrated his "gotcha day" yesterday.  but I've always wanted a biological child, and have consider artificial insemination multiple times, just couldnt afford double daycare.  With my age the chances keep going down of course

So now i have another consultation in a few weeks with my MD to go over it more indepth.... very bummed out at the moment



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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 9:43am

Hi Suzanne and welcome. I'm so sorry to hear about your problems. Are you in much pain?I have a sister who is dealing with the same thing and she's being treated with hormones right now.  Hopefully you'll get some good options for treatment from your doctor.

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 3:46pm

thanks.  actually had an appt yesterday with a new GYN/OB dr.  I was using the a ARNP closer to where I lived.  This new physician is associated with the hospital I work for.  the one concern I've always had about going to our own physicians is being in their system.  I work in the business office and its our staff that would see my claims...

ended up being a 2nd opinion and hopefully a good one in this case.  I explained to her what the ARNP had told me.  They had received some of my prior medical records including some fertility records from last year.  they had received the US film copies from last week but were able to get a written discription and info on the cysts and fibroid including approximate size, something I hadnt been told last week

At the moment my new dr is stating since I'm asystomatic with the cysts, I dont need to have anything done.  For the fibroid, I could have a hysteroscopy, an outpt procedure lasting maybe an hour, short recovery times.  She said the abnormal spotting I'm noticing all of sudden maybe the fibroid growing.  She did agree that if the cysts were the type my ARNP and other MD though no they wont go away on their own, but she said it would've been hard to tell from just the US.

I've working on trying to find other work and moving out of state... and was upset when I had to put it on hold.  any surgery which could've worse I would've needed to stay with my current employer so it would be covered and my time off covered, well now I'm still staying put at least a while by buy choice.  After discussing it with my new, dr, she's going to have me to a repeat ultrasound in early october, about 2 months.  To see if the fibroid and cysts are getting any bigger, staying the same or even getting small and probably decide then what to do.  Just keeping any eye on my symptoms till then because they could get worse.  for the most part there is no pain associated with it other than constant minimal very light cramping

did forget to ask if my current status and known issues would cause fertility issues




Single mom to an internationally adopted son, age 9 3/4; adopted at age 2.5 months from country of Georgia; diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and developmental delay issues

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 5:00pm
Hi Suzanne. The fibroid will most likely interfere with conception as they grow in the wall of the uterus, though it would depend on the size. Hopefully you can get more answers at your next ultrasound.

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hang in there!!