Very sore breasts for about a month?

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Very sore breasts for about a month?
Sun, 03-06-2011 - 9:19am


Iam 23 and the last month or so my breasts have been very sore.It started off as a minor, unnoticable nuisance,now it's to the point where I can't lay on my stomach at night without feeling some discomfort,they just sort of ache all the time.Sometimes my bf plays around and grabs I actually get pissed if he tries because they hurt so bad.I don't have large breasts at all,I just fill a B cup and I've NEVER had this problem before.They almost feel as though they are severly bruised.Like they got thrown around or something and then stuck back on my My period is about 5 days away,but this has been happening like I said now for a number of weeks,probably even a month.So it can't be my period.Plus I never have any PMS or period symptoms aside from minor cramps and slight moodiness.NEVER sore breasts.Why would it start now?


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Sun, 03-06-2011 - 2:45pm


The fact that your caffeine intake has not changed does not mean that it is not contributing to your pain.

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Mon, 03-07-2011 - 1:32pm
If you're not happy with the answers your gyn is giving you, you may want to consider changing doctors or at least seeking a second opinion.

I'm sorry you're hurting.

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If it were me, I'd take a pregnancy test just to rule it out.