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i am facing a massive anxiety problem due to one single reason as i have given below. i need advice. plz do reply at the earliest.

about 11 days ago i had a brief sexual encounter as under

it lasted less than 5 mins.

lady in question gave me oral sex for perhaps less than one min.

we kissed and i ejacualated out side .

there was no intercourse.

later i had an intution that i may have been infected. this was out of sheer guilt.

as per the lady she has no sexual problems. 

none the less i got my self tested and results for VDRL, HIV screening and urin RE are completly normal. result for HSV 1 & 2 is awaited and i am facing extreme anxiety. i have read a lot on the net and i seem to relate the sympots with my self. there were a few small blisters on my thighs which as per the doctor were not STD related and i presume either due to my cleanig my pubic area with hair removal cream or due to the body massage ( in a good spa) could have caused it. the doctor had a look at it in fact two doctors did.

there was mild itching in my genetial areas for a couple of days but i get this off and on since i live in a tropical area. i asked the lady if she ever had blisters or such on her mouth and vaginal areas and she confired never. my anxiety is causing sleeplessness and poor appatite and i presume upset stomach.

where do i stand. plz advice urgently 

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Welcome to the board, Shankar.

Quite honestly, I'm not sure what to tell you. A doctor has told you that the blisters aren't STD-related, and the woman with whom you had an encounter says she's never had herpes symptoms. Whatever is causing the blisters, they're not likely to get better with your stress level where it is. Try to relax. Take care of yourself, and make sure to use protection during all your sexual encounters from here forward. Best of luck.