Sending the wrong message by getting teendaughter HPV vaccine

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Sending the wrong message by getting teendaughter HPV vaccine
Thu, 04-11-2013 - 12:33pm

I've been on the fence for a while on whether or not to get my daughter the HPV vaccine. I don't want to send her the message that it is okay for her to have sex as a teen because I am getting her protection from a disease. Has anyone else struggled with this?

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My only hesitation was wondering if the vacine was really worth any potential side effects, being so new.   But, my DD13 is actually in the middle of her series, and has one shot left of the three.  

This is way beyond the stereo-typical STD.  HPV can turn a-typical, which can turn into cancer.  HPV is confusing, because it starts with a virus.  I wrote a paper on it and it still confuses me.  :)  

Point being, I would not look at this as "protection from as STD" but rather a way to lessen the chance of cancer.  

You might want to do a little homework on what the HPV virus really is.  Maybe that will ease your discomfort and help make a more educated decision.  

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I would agree with the poster who said to look at this more along the lines of Cancer prevention. I have a friend who developed cervical cancer and I know what she has been through with it. I am happy to know that my daughters have some protection from this disease.