100 lbs goal: November 2013 - Week 4

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100 lbs goal: November 2013 - Week 4
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 3:40pm

Week 4 - Day 1

WOW! how time flies - and not cnecessarily when you are having fun neither.  Well, I really haven't done much but think and try. I have stopped with the sugar since Friday - yesteday I felt like SH*T! I had a heachache, body aches, just all around ache. I think my blood preassure got too high. Or maybe it is just sugar withdrawls.  I'm not totally sure.

I got a Vitamix for the house, so now we are on this juicing diet. My sister is desperate too lose what little weight she has to lose (about 30 lbs - well, not so little, but compare to mine). She has severe back problems and losing weight of course will help alleviate the preasure.

It is sad to think that all my siblings have medical problems. And except for my little brother we are all overweight. We are 4 girls and 2 boys and all the girls are overweight - 3 of us severely. My brothers are very sick even though they are not severely overwight. One is probably at his weight level and the other is just a little overwieght, but they are both very sick.

I don't know if it is a curse, or simply that we were not thought to eat right and enjoy exercise. All the girls love to dance - I would love to find a dance partner. But I have tried - even put ads - but no luck.

Anyway, 4 days with no sugar, 2 days of trying juices - I need to exercise. I did move a bit yesterday, but the aches did me in.

We'll see how today in the eve goes.