Misty's Mission - Summer 2013

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Misty's Mission - Summer 2013
Wed, 06-12-2013 - 5:28am

May 4th to July 27th: 12-week lozenge quit plan. I will not focus on weight loss if it risks the success of my quit, but I will try not to gain too much weight if possible.

July 1st to July 30th: Exercise using the BL 30-Day Jump Start workout dvd. Despite snacking that may continue due to the final month of my quit, I will make healthier choices for my 3 main meals - 1/3rd meat, 1/3rd veggie, 1/3rd healthy grain. I will attempt to get past being a picky eater by broadening my horizons and trying 2 new items a week, 1 veggie and 1 other.

July 27th - EX-SMOKER!!! 

July 31st - Research local fitness centers and consider a membership (only if BL 30-Day Jump Start is fully completed),

August 1st -  Time to get down to business and focus on permanent weight loss with better eating habits. If we decide to go with any "diet plan" it'll be Weight Watchers. Also get DH's butt out of his computer chair and moving. NO EXCUSES!

August 19th (first day of Fall semester) - Goal weight 325 lbs. If I'm within 5 pounds of that when completing my quit plan then the goal is 315.0. 

September 1st - Goal weight 299 lbs. 

Quit Date: May 4th, 2013
"May The Fourth Be With Me!" 

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Thu, 09-05-2013 - 8:58am

Sounds like a lot of progress.  Keep Going!


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