Coming Back - Need alot of encouargement - KINDA LONG

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Coming Back - Need alot of encouargement - KINDA LONG
Wed, 03-21-2012 - 2:35pm

Hi There - I don't know if ya'll will remember me or not. My name is Jena. I live in Florida and right now I need to lose 213 lbs. I went in the hospital in 6/11 and had some major things go wrong with my body....numerous things that the doctors contributed to an arthritic condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis (it's a genetic condition which my Mother also has). Well, I almost died. I fought back though and when I was discharged on 6/29/11 I lost 45 lbs. I kept losing weight until I got down to 343 lbs. which was a total of 75 lbs....well, see when I was in the hospital they controlled my food portions when I could eat, etc... and they also cut way back on my psychiatric medications (I have Schizoaffective Disorder and an Anxiety Disorder and Insomnia). I did have a lot of paranoia in the hospital, but for some reason they wouldn't give me the accurate dose of my anti-psychotic medications (I'm on 2)....the doctors felt it was too high of a dose. So, when I was discharged my psychiatrist slowly started increasing my meds to my original dose and my hunger slowly started getting back to what it originally was and I slowly gained almost all the weight back, but 14 lbs. that I lost. When people look at me they thik I overeat because I have no self control which in some retrospect is correct, but mainly it is because the anti-psycotics make me sooooooo very hungry!!!

I recently got diagnosed with NASH because of my obesity. NASH basically means inflammation and scarring of the liver. It makes me sad. I talked to my psychiatrist and she put me on a medication called Topamax that should help with my pain from the arthrititic condition and should decrease my hunger some from the anti-psycotics. I pray it works. Because of my mental health issues I am an emotional eater and I live at home with my Mom and Dad. My Mom is also an emotional eater and we really are not good for each other in this area. I guess what I am looking for is a board that I can come to when I need encouragement and find friends that are facing the same difficulities as me as someone who has to lose a tremendous amount of weight naturally even though I am on medications that increase your hunger and slow down your metabolism. I really need that. I'm disabled from my mental health issues and I have very little friends. My only outing is every week at my church and I really don't have many friends there my age because they are all married with kids. No One at my church is as big as me either. Can anyone relate to my story? HELP!

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Jena- WELCOME back! I'm so sorry to hear you were in the hospital and sick last year. I hope you get better and better each day.

I think all of us have our own problem with food. Every person is different and we come to our over eating problems differently. The good thing is we can all learn from each other! We might not have another member on here with you exact same issues, but I promise you that we all can and will support you through this!!
I'm proud of you for never giving up on your help. Keep pushing every day for a better life. Please come back and let us know how you feeling!
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Thumbs up and a big hug.

One day at a time one day at a time. The lord has blessed you with the gift of life even though it may seem its a little bruised but he never puts things in front of us that we cant handle.

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Jena, I don't have a lot in common with your situation, but I want to say welcome back and best wishes on your journey. I think I remember you from a while ago. The board is pretty quiet right now but maybe you can help us liven things up... SJ