Happy Healthy Valentine's Day 2013!

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Happy Healthy Valentine's Day 2013!
Thu, 02-14-2013 - 2:28pm

Happy Healthy Valentine's Day to all of my loves out there! I hope each of you are having a sweet day. :) Its one of the first holidays post New Years and we know that can bring up a lot of temptations. Remember what your triggers are for poor eating and not exercising is on days like this. Also, think about turning over a new leaf and making it a healthier holiday. 

1. Go for a smaller box of chocolates. If you don't have the big box to eat you won't eat it! I asked my hubby to get a 4 count box of quality chocolates. I'll have that and be done. If I get the 20 piece box of chocolates I'll be tempted to eat it all in a day or two. 

2. Give away all your left over candies and baked goods. I have a little one that had TWO Valentines parties this week. I went through her goodie bags and threw out anything she can't have. Things like taffy she could choke on and I don't need the extra candy around. Then there was left over chocolate cupcakes today. The teacher asked if they could keep them for snack tomorrow- YES! I also told the teachers to take a cupcake home to their husbands. Give this stuff away to other people!!!!!! Don't bring it home!!! :) 

3. Think of a healthy gift for your spouse, family, friend, or to yourself. Yes, I admit it. I bought my own VDay gift this year! I was in the store and saw something I wanted and bought it. Texted my husband saying not to get me a gift because I already got it. haha! I needed a new yoga mat really bad. I saw the yoga mats in the store and picked out the burnt orange one that reminds me of my fav Texas football team! ;) It also has pretty flowers on it. It felt wonderful to say I got a healthy gift this year rather than something that will ruin my weight loss goals. Give yourself (or your sweetie) the gift of life with a healthy gift or treat. Smile

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