Here we go again

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Here we go again
Thu, 07-04-2013 - 11:17am

Hi all,

I've had a lot of ups and downs with my weight-12 years ago I was at 290lbs, 6 years ago I was at 160lbs, for a few years I hovered at or around 180lbs and wasn't terribly unhappy with myself. This morning I stepped on the scale...BOOM...250lbs, I'm just soooo mad at myself for getting here again, I can't believe I let this happen, I've failed myself and I'm so sad that I have to go thourgh a massive lifestyle change, AGAIN! Somewhere way back there  I made a wrong turn, I lost motivation, I stopped paying attention to the signs posted along the way, I stopped paying myself.

So. Today is Day 1. I'm upset that I have to put in all of this work again but I only have myself to blame. I am 28 years old...Thin by thirty? Can I do this? I want to cry.

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Thu, 07-04-2013 - 5:44pm

I know how you feel I am 50 and weigh 270 lbs I beat myself up everyday for letting myself get this big. I tell myself everyday today is the day then for some stupid reason I start binging I wish you luck on your journey. Hopefully today will be the start for both of us

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Mon, 07-08-2013 - 8:46am

We can do this girls. I am on a goal to lose at least 100 lbs and I am now 20 lbs lighter than when I started months ago. It isn't coming off fast but just seeing that number go down is great inspiration to me. I made a few changes like less soda and juice and some walking and I'm trying to make myself cook more and drive thru less. I hope to have another 10 lbs down by the end of summer.