Hot Lunch Ideas

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Hot Lunch Ideas
Sat, 01-01-2011 - 8:35pm

I'm cutting back on red meat and basically will only eat fish and cage free organic chicken.

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Sun, 01-02-2011 - 12:54pm

I'm not sure where you are when you're having lunch, but is it somewhere with an electrical outlet and a counter or tabletop?

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Sun, 01-02-2011 - 9:43pm
I have no idea how to grill fish, but if you have an ice pack and an insulated bag I think you could make salads and keep them cold enough. I bake two chicken breasts every Sunday and that makes four days worth of salad for me - I use lettuce (I buy the bagged kin, so it has a little variety), and then five or six peices of tow veggies-carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, celery. I bring a ablespoon of dressing. I also sometimes treat myself with cocktail shrimp in y salad and cocktail sauce for dressing - even though I make my own lunch, I frequently forget that I', having srimp and it is a big 'treat' when I get my lunch! I also sometimes have two hard boiled eggs as the protein source in my salad. I vary the dressings a lot so that I am not too bored.

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Wed, 01-05-2011 - 12:45pm
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Wed, 01-05-2011 - 7:38pm

Are you asking how to keep a meal hot until lunch time? Or, how to keep it from spoiling without refrigeration?

I think if the fish is cooked thoroughly and it's not sitting in mayo, it should be okay. When you get to work, store it somewhere where it's not near a heat source. I bring my lunch to work every day and there are days when either the fridge is full or I just somehow don't make it to the kitchen. It sits on my desk in a lunch bag which is insulated although I don''t use cold packs. I've never had a problem ...

Good luck!

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