I'm new here

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I'm new here
Wed, 01-12-2011 - 12:24am

Tonight my fiance informed me that I remind him of his mother because I've gained weight. My hearts completely broken at this very moment because of what he has said to me. I have two adorable little boys and haven't been able to work out like I used to. I lost twenty pounds after my second son was born by walking six miles a day. I ended up gaining back the weight and then some because I was unable to work out as much because I was working six days a week. Sorry if I seem out of the place I'm a bit emotional right now.

Anyway, I'm looking to lose at least 110lbs. I'd like to lose more than that but I figured I should at least set up a goal for myself right?

Does anyone have any good weight loss tips?

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Thu, 01-13-2011 - 12:51pm

Hi and welcome!

Antonia and SJ both had some sound advice for you.

Losing weight is tough enough when you're only influenced by your own needs and wants, but when you have a family's needs to consider as well, I think most of us ladies tend to set ourselves aside to do for our family.

"Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly!"

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Wed, 01-12-2011 - 2:42pm
Welcome to the board. I am not married (or involved with anyone) but that seems to be a very hurtful yhing for him to say.

If you can use it as motivation, that's great, but this is a very hard journey and the motivation has to be to do it for reasons that come from within you. (my opinion, not necesssarily fact)

If your fiancee is committed to helping you, perhaps he could take care of those two little boys so that you had time to take care of you? Eating healthy is important, and finding time to exercise is also critical. Perhaps he could spend 3-5 hours a week with the children so that you have time for you? That would be a loving way for him to help you be the you You want to be.

I should NEVER give love advice, and he probably has a million fine qualities, but if he says things that make you heartbroken, I'd be thinking about what I wanted from the realtionship...but that is probably why I am single!

Anyway, you are welcome here and feel free to join in the fun.
Best wishes
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Wed, 01-12-2011 - 10:57am
Hi there. I'm new too, but thankfully my dh hadn't done that. But sometimes I wish he would do it would give me a kick in the behind. I'm starting small and making little changes here and there and would love a new friend to help make me accountable if you would like.
I'm replacing all my drinks with water. Citing out soda and juices I think well help a lot. I'm also trying to eat more veggies and fruit and aware of portion sizes. I'm not counting calories yet until I've goten basic habits done. I'm also trying to get moreexercise in but I understand how hard that its with little ones. I have some workout dvds I can do during nap time or after bed time or I take a wall around the neighborhood.
These were my goals. I decided instead of looking st the full 100 lbs that I ned to lose, if break out up into smaller chunks that seem much more manageable. I'm starting with 10 lbs which doesn't seem that hard.
God lick to you on your weight lots joinery and I hope we erl be able encourage each other and keep each other accountable to our goals.