Just checking in...

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Just checking in...
Thu, 09-15-2011 - 11:33am

It's been really quiet here this week so I wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm mostly back on a healthier eating plan and I've lost a few of the pounds that I gained with my quit. How is everyone else doing?

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Sat, 09-17-2011 - 2:04pm

Glad to hear it!

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Tue, 09-20-2011 - 12:24pm
Hi Liz, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. Maybe I can help. Are you using an ad blocker? Is your browser up to date?

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Tue, 09-20-2011 - 12:34pm

I'm sorry I was out of town when you posted! I'm back home and online again! How's your week going now?

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